Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sobering visit! (Mauthousen concentration camp, Austria!)

We had to do it ! definitely not pleasant but so educating!
Visiting a concentration camp was definitely not on the bucket list but here we were by a Wintery freezing gray May (!)day with strong northern wind!
Sobering it was!
I will spare you details of the experience but Carol , Alec and I were not surprisingly shocked and sadened by the visit.....(I was here with my parents in 1975 but I had forgotten the brutality of this reality!)
I protected Luca of the images and for him it was only a cold day in a fort...
If you have the opportunity once in your life don't miss it.....(to visit a concentration camp and hear/read the stories!

No history lesson will do justice to the holocaust and what happen in places like Mauthousen!

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