Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flying and blogging at same time!

Great invention to allow passengers (at a fee) to have internet access during flights!
Last few days were very busy..as we like it!
Before week end we went to visit our friends the Kasavages, Luca rode their track on a KLX 110 for hours and had fun! then in evening I went riding in the woods with my friend/Partners Andy.
Saturday was a big day since it was Alec's 13 th Birthday!
We went to the beach, celebrated Florida style and finished the evening with friends!
Sunday morning I left with RV for a little 22 hours drive to upstate New York where I was meeting friend Matt to park RV untill July when we return to the state in NYC!
Matt was waiting for me for a big enduro ride in the woods of NY state!
The 22 hours drive was just a warm up for the 3 and half hour enduro ride in deep mud we had.....
It was awesome but so exhausting! Thanks Matt
This morning we were up at 6am after a good night of rest then went to Newark airport where I was going to Las Vegas for MinimotoSx and Final Sx!
Some plane problems created some delay and 15hours after waking up I am flying and not yet in Vegas.....
I will be back home on Sunday for a last world journey leg departure on Monday....
We will be travelling Europe (in a Car) for next and final 2 month!

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