Monday, May 31, 2010

Carol's add on!

Greece for me, so far, is all about the food and the people. The food has been nothing short of amazing. Its that fabulous mediteranean mix of olive oil, toatoes, garlic and herbs on just about everything and we really can't get enough of it!! Yesterday was the ultimate culinary journey. We had chicken braised and glazed in those beautiful mediteranean flavors and it felt as though it was slow cooked all day! At night, our hotel host served us all of her specialties, tiny lighly fried whole fish that the kids devoured, cut up octopus marinated in onions, peppers, cilantro and tomatoes (one of the best things we've ever tasted!), vegetable (meatballs) that were filled with spinach, herbs and cheese, fried feta with herbs and a casserole of eggplant with more tomatoes and feta cheese grilled on top. It was all to die for. Today we didn't eat anything all day except for having some espressos and apricots. Tonight we'll feast again!!

As for the people, they are so warm and engaging. They speak passionately about everything in life and remind us more of italians and quite the opposite of what we saw in Japan!! Our host, Reina, is such a character. She guided us through our entire stay telling us what we "must" do and "must" eat, and you simply do not argue with her!! Our lunchtime host was adorable. He pulled up a chair and shared stories with us about his country and about his desire to see america. He was robust and friendly, a greek bon vivant!!

It was a pleasure to finally swim in the sea. We haven't done much of that since the beginning of our adventure. Tomorrow its back to discovering!!

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