Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ich bin ein Berliner (JFK).....and so are we!

Another cold day but a fantastic history lesson today!
Berlin is a great city where we would have been happy to have more time if it was warmer....LOL
Did a city tour, checked most of the WW2 and cold war places!
From Gestapo Museum to Check point Charlie via couple Starbucks to stay warm !
We feel like we have learn a lot!
The GPS in the car felt a but intimitaded by so much culture and lost us couple times.
Back at hotel to get warmer and tomorrow we will be going South to Prague!

The Spree river, left was West germany, right was eastern Germany

Famous or infamous Reichstag!

Leftover of the wall...of shame!

Kids drooling in front a Bugatti Syder......$1.6 million price tag

Crepes and Nutella are the kids favorite food

Luca caught in the middle of cold war!

A real 2 stroke Trabant, official car of DDR during Soviet time!

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