Friday, July 31, 2009

Sunset in Gingin

Where the heck is Gingin????
Answer: 114 km north of Perth.
Short drive today getting out of town and provisioning.
Nice road leading us in the quiet already!
A lot of organizing to do in our new house on wheel.
All good and still cold

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rv australia

We traded the good ship lollypop dor the good ship Aussiepop

Australian safari

Missing Ludo!

Evening in Fremantle

Then we dinner with old Friend Jeff Leisk (we did not see each other for 20 years) and his family! It is hard to see your friends when they leave in Perth .Jeff was a motocross pro who moved to USA the same time I did(85) and raced SX and MX for couple years, then moved to Europe to race GP for factory Honda.He is now the head of KTM Australia!
Jeff had not changed and we had great conversations about the good old time and present!
Big thanks to Jeff and Family for their hospitabity and frendship......we had a great evening and hope to see you sooner than 20 years from now! The Leisk and Peronnard families having fun together in Fremantle

48 h in Perth and suroundings!

Perth is a pretty spectacular city, kind of like San Diego with less people , better maintained and very clean!If anybody does not believe in urbanism and public money, a trip to Perth could change their mind! For example bicycle trails are all over the city with gym equipment available everywhere at public disposal! this is cool!This is a pretty well kept secret and the people around here are pretty conscious about it and keep it quiet!Very strange to be again in a country similar to home with Mc donald and Hungry jack (burger king) at every corner. We are completely blending here not anymore the 4 westerners lost in some exotic country!People are very nice and polite kind of like England and seems very eager to be fit...runners and bikers are everywhere at any time of the day!We went also to Fremantle home of Australian team for the America:s cup (sailing) and enjoyed a nice stroll in this older port! 2 big guns in Fremantle
biking in perth

Perth skyline

our first injury of trip

black swan on Swan river

Sunset in Fremantle

hello from Luca from the most western spot of Australia

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bike ride in Perth

Great day riding dispite of Alec's crash!
He is ok but forgot for 1 second he was supposed to be on left side of path and got clipped by other rider
One bloody knee later he is ok
Never a dull moment!

Perth by night


Made it after eventless trip.(Once airborne)
Little mood killer is the weather! It is cold here and dark by 6pm....this is the middle of winter after all....( A winter like california or florida but still winter)
The heater is cranked up in room!
Now for info' this the farthest point of our journey: we are 12000 miles away from home either way we look at it....east or west it would be 24 h flying time to go home!
Fortunately no flying for us for 1 month.
RV ing Australia will start in couple days.
Tomorrow we will discover Perth!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Leaving KL

Closest call ever
Just in plane and they closed the gate behind us....
Carol visa had an inverted number between visa and passport and we had to wait for australian clearance from Canberra
We loved malaysia but were ready to move on
For a long hour we were looking forward to the sweet sight of the 777.....
On our way mates....

4 days in Malaysia and Singapore

It was difficult to leave Japan but the 4 days in Malaysia/Singapore were very good!
As Luca would sum it up: Japan is the most awesome country but Malaysia is so cool!
First we drove to the Singapore border 250 miles from Kuala lumpur toJohor Baru.
Bordertown like no other,over 100,000 people cross the causeway every day to go work to singapore (Kind of Asian Switzerland) and come back.
Malaysia and Singapore in some kind of a contest built some unbelievable forts (no other name for border stations) as big as the biggest casino on earth and built to a higher standard than any US airport I have ever seen.
Crossing the border back and forth was an unbelievable experience, we were the only westerners (lost) but the quality and effieciency was unreal...(we have to bring those people to Tijuana/chula vista border)
otherwise we enjoyed little India in Singapore where Carol got a well neededThai massage that was not a real one but enjoyed it anyway
Then we went to modern Singapore which was to Tokyo's standard.....very very nice as Borat would say.
On our way we stopped in Maleka (oldest Malaysian town) and liked it so much that we went back on way back to Kuala Lumpur.
Best for last, we lived like kings and spent in Malyasia in 4 days what we spent in Tokyo for 1!....Indian dinner for 4...$10

Carol here on Food and Fashion, my favorite!! The food is spectacular, especially Malaysian breakfast which is hard boiled spicy eggs, nuts, tiny dried fish and a red spicy sauce to top it off.
Its different but so so good!!
Fashion, not as fun as Tokyo but what we did see is long colorful dresses beautifully adorned and scarfs to mix or match. What was funny was to see women dressed head to toe in this fashion and zooming around on scooters!! We also saw a woman in the swimming pool with her long dress and scarf. Women observe the Muslim customs but are schooled and free to work.

nice cars in front of Palace in Singapore
Iguana (5 feet)in the Melaka river eyeing Luca and Alec for breakfast!!!!!!!!!

Melaka river

temple in little india

Alec eating some dried fish for breakfast

downtown Melaka

Singapore skyline before major equatorial storm.....when it rains it rains!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wanna ride

Mx park in the middle of malaysia
No liability release to sign for some reason

Sexy proton

Proton is the only built malaysian car under mitsubishi licence
Very old license it seems since the car feel like econo car late 70s

Malaysian breakfast

Luca is going to get big with breakfast like that

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Morning walk in johor baru malaysia

Just taking morning walk in JB border town between singapore and malaysia
Admiring the local motorcyle dealership!
Everything is so simple and basic around here....kind of like mexico a little!
Yesterday was the first time driving on other side of road and all went well untill it got dark and challenging!
That said we still made it and enjoyed later on a south indiam dinner with excellent Ratatouille!
Today we will bus to singapore since we are not allowed to cross border with rent a car!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Luca new Malaysian friend

Luca on top in Malaysia

Today we are chilling by hotel pool after grueling 20 hours travel yesterday.
Way too long, long layover in bangkok and final flight delayed made the day trip exhausting
also, the fact of leaving Japan s efficiency and cleanliness was a shock to us.we will miss that for sure
Later on today we will travel to Singapore in our newly rented Proton (v8 turbo all options)


Landed in bangkok
Luca did not wake up
Blackberry is working again

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fashion is Fascinating in Japan among the 20 somethings!! We've seen black tights paired with poufy or flaired skirts and a pair of platforms all topped off with a cool fedora or knee high stockings with a mini dress and pumps, bright colored high top tennies with mini skirts and a jeweled belt. Guys are more conservative but skinny jeans prevail in black with tight tee shirts, crazy cool layered hair and long pointy cowboy boots. Too cool here in Shibuya (young hip section in Tokyo). More fashion reports to come!!

last day in Tokyo, Downtown ,Ginza and massage chair

Tomorrow , we will travel to Malaysia via bangkok !
long day ! we better sleep well!
biggest TV ? 103 inches, 50k???
great lunch

view from top of hotel

kids got to relax in electronic store

3 d glasses at Sony aquarium

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Metro, Ueno,Temples, funky scoters and more japanese food

more of Tokyo
We took Metro to Ueno to check out couple temples.The Subway is great and we are now expert eventhough I got busted by police for not paying enough..not on purpose.
Ueno is famous for its temples and Motorcycle dealerships center of Tokyo.
After 1 temples Alec and I had better things to do.....Sadly the downturn of economy had a lot of store closed or not looking good......could not find a dirt bike!
Tried new foods for dinner in a very live and noisy restaurant......kind of like beer fest in Tokyo
If you eat the shell I will eat 1 too!
Carol is drinking beer....not much wine in Japan

expand and read....was tempted to try some but waffled....

metro tokyo

Alec's ride in Tokyo

temple and skyscrapper

this one was built in 456

homeless kids eating kebabs

To friends and family!

If you have urgent or important comment/posts please send to our email adresses instead of posting!
Posts are difficut to access at time especially with a PDA.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pictures of our walk to Shibuya neighborhood

5 miles walk to the trendy center of Tokyo admiring various showrooms...Play Station, Lexus , Honda etc
, " Time square" shibuya

the next "Valentino"...early career on a Honda

zen in Tokyo

HOT noodle

too much fun

Cleanliness, efficiency, detail oriented and courteous!

Cleanliness, efficiency, detail oriented and courteous are the 4 words that would describe Japan best!

Cleanliness: not even a cigarette butt in the street of tokyo, how can they do it and not even trashcan anywhere...We carried a coke can for miles yesterday untill we find a recycle center!

Efficiency: from the elevator for car parking to the electric taxi door everything s here to be efficient.

Detail Oriented: from the space age toilets (we will be buying some when we come back home) to every aspect of life no details get ignored...

Courteous: despite a clear lack of english people are willing to help with a smile and even little kids bow at you! bowing?

Tokyo is a 2 wheels many bikes!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Few Comments from Carol on the Fish Market!!
Wow! Wow! Wow! This is everything I was dreaming of!! At 6am the Fish Market was a brutal place of business and we were clearly out of place!! The fisherman were not shy to knock us out of the way with meat clevers in hand if we didn't jump out of the way in time. This place was high action with forklifts flying everywhere and dangerously close!! It was the best, RAW experience I've ever had!! The kids were in shock!!

Small is Japan

Japan is the opposite of US....when they say small they mean it!

2 zips and small Coke was gone

5 Am at Fish Market

unbelievable experience this morning!
We visited the biggest fish market in the world at Tokio Harbor!
No words could describe the chaos created by thousands of workers chainsawing tunas and slicing fishes with their Samourai type swords....not good sights for vegetarians
We had our breakfast with a pound of Sashimi raw tuna (at 6am) and we were happy to see our boys enjoy the experience.
Luca was treated like an alien in this madhouse....not too many 6 years old blondies running around this environment! Luca love s octopus
blood thirsty serial killers LOL

if you eat expensice sushi next couple could be coming from kidding