Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Schedule and route reminder as we leave continental USA

June 20, Leaving Florida with RV

June 27,28th Denver MX national

July 4, regrouping in Socal USA

July 15, Honolulu Hawaii

July 20,TokyoJapan

July 25, Malaysia and Singapore

July 29, Perth Australia

August 12, Darwin Australia

August 22, Cairns Australia

August 30, Sydney Australia

September 4, Denpasar Bali

September 13, Bangkok Thailand

September 22,Hochiminh City Vietnam

October 1, Hong kong China October 8, Beijing China

October 13, leaving China on transsiberian railway

October 14/15, Ulaan Baatar Mongolia

October 22, Moscow Russia

October 26, Paris France PARIS SX

November 6, Cape town South Africa

November 13, Namibia

November 22, Dubai UAE

November 26, Paris France

December 5 ,Geneva Switzerland Geneva SX

December 15 Marrakech, Morocco

December 20, Grenoble France

January 5, So cal USA Anaheim 1 SX

January 20, Leave with RV to Mexico

February 25, Back in Florida with RV

March 5, Leave to South America, Buenos aires

March 15, Lima Peru

March 25, Santiago Chile

April 13 ,Ushaia Patagonia

April 20th, Sao Paulo Brazil

April 30, back home Florida

May 7, Brussel belgium

May 14, Berlin Germany

May 21, Prague Czech republic

May 28, Istanbul Turkey

June 5, Athens Greece

June 12, Roma Italia

June 20, Grenoble France

July 1st, Rekjavik Iceland

July 10, Back home FLORIDA

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