Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Day off in Moab
returning phone calls and regrouping in the morning!
the Weather was hot but ok, we rode bikes to the Colorado river but 3 flats cut the day short!
tomorrow, we will drive to 5 miles of hell trailhead that we will ride on Thursday BMX free ride park in Moab, Alec had a lot of fun!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Montrose to Moab via Telluride

Great day day with fantastic scenery and just a small encounter with police while I was standing up on top of lollypop to get my cell phone to work! (very much like RV the movie)

PS : check panoramic picture (click on it to expand) and see how we never have enough of Luca

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lakewood to Montrose

Then we got on the road again for a “short” stint thru Colorado! (300 miles)
The mood was great and Luca shared some time with me in the Cabin!
We had a stop at our favorite burger joint in CO “Lark Burger” where we had delicious…….burgers with Aioli…pretty exotic and tasty
We had great sceneries and ended the day swimming in the pool of Montrose RV park

MX national

Second week end on the road

After a visit to Manitou Springs (cute but touristy) we drove 2 hours for Lakewood Colorado home of the fifth round of Lucas 2010 MX national!
As we all know, act like you own the place and nobody will ask you anything….
Within minutes we had Lollypop parked between the 2 semis of our dear friends Procircuit and FMF in the Pro pit! This was awesome! We were within few feet from all our friends.
Talking about friends we were so happy to see Joel and Mary anne from Fmf (and from our home town NSB) and Philip Hewitt from Orlando (Wrenching for Shawn Hackley)
Big thanks as well to David Clabaugh for letting us park where we were and organizing a great MX National!
David has been our friend and partner (Denver Endurocross) for several years and I could not say enough good things about him.
Within minutes of our arrival, Alec was hired by ONE industries (thanks Marc and Russ) for a photo shoot!
If Dimitri succeeded (lol) we will see Alec in the 2010 catalog…pretty cool for AP
The Saturday race day went so fast…. I started hangin banners with my friend DC for couple hours then spent some time with Christophe and Arnaud (Did not see them since Jacksonville SX)
First moto was won by Christophe ahead of his teammate Jake Weimer!
Mitch was pretty pumped on first moto and the day went on.
Sadly for Christophe the starting gate had a malfunction and he had to race from dead last to 6th place.
Fortunately he still did manage to be on the podium and to keep the championship lead!
Christophe was not too happy about the situation but Carol managed to keep his smile with a good swiss fondue and some French dishes we all enjoyed late at night joined by our friends Jeff Emig and Lebig.
Night was short since Amateur Day Practice started at 6.30 am?????
Spend some time in morning fixing a flat on Luca ‘s bike and socializing with Uncle Bevo…
Had a great time at the race…. We will miss Thunder Valley MX Park

Thursday, June 25, 2009

colorado springs

Made it to Colorado Springs. It was time since we realized that 1700 miles in 3 days was all the sense of humor our kids would have!
Here we are in beautiful Manitou springs nearby Colorado Springs enjoying a great day of R and R. We went for a fantactic Mountain bike ride in the mountains and push our 2 boys to the limit. Our 6 year old luca was discovering downhills….and downhills we had…. At the end of ride we found a great free ride /north shore type area that was real challenging. I did my first teeter totter on a bike…scary at first but easy after. Tomorrow we will move to Lakewood for 2 days of Motocross national before crossing the rockies destination Telluride

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

kids picked 2 more passengers in TX

texas is so big

Lunch spot im MS

1100 miles later

long 48h
we clocked 1100 miles from the florida coast to Amarillo Texas
It was very hot with temperature hovering in the low 100 all the time

the best time we had was a great lunch with our friends Lance Becky and Kristen in fort worth

Thanks Lance

We saw a great MX track in Claude texas that made Alec and I want to ride....

Tomorrow will be a short day with only 5/6 hours before reaching Co;orado.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Ha" P family

cycling swimming and more swimming in Destin!
The water is crystal blue and we have find a great spot already....
why go anywhere....Florida is awesome.............LOL

first day drive

400 miles with no special worry
very very hot but nice to be in destin and swimming in gulf of mexico

kids at work

first day went well

eventless happy day no worry, 400 miles and a nice dip in gulf of mexico at end of day

all good

everybody getting slowly in the groove

Saturday, June 20, 2009

JUne 20th 6 AM

Whoaw, this is it!
we are leaving......difficult to believe but it is happening!
The last day home was a combination of stress and excitment combined.
What are we forgetting? was in our mind all day and night long
The night was short lived after a great evening/dinner spent with great friends Lisa, Andy, Greg and Chris. Carol cooked a great dinner and we enjoyed our last meal home for the year.

Today will be 400 miles drive to reach Destin Florida where we will spend the week end before resuming our journey toward Texas where we will see our good friend Lance

Thanks to all our friends and family for their friendship and support!
Nobody has tried to talk us out of it..LOL

The good ship Lollypop is on the road

Thursday, June 18, 2009

slowly getting ready for "soft" start

The pressure is on!

we will be leaving the housein 48h. (we should back briefly in february 2010)

The motorhome is getting ready and pack for first journey (crossing US of A)

Just a good warm up for us and a good reminder of how good we have it here before exploring the world.

stay posted