Thursday, June 25, 2009

colorado springs

Made it to Colorado Springs. It was time since we realized that 1700 miles in 3 days was all the sense of humor our kids would have!
Here we are in beautiful Manitou springs nearby Colorado Springs enjoying a great day of R and R. We went for a fantactic Mountain bike ride in the mountains and push our 2 boys to the limit. Our 6 year old luca was discovering downhills….and downhills we had…. At the end of ride we found a great free ride /north shore type area that was real challenging. I did my first teeter totter on a bike…scary at first but easy after. Tomorrow we will move to Lakewood for 2 days of Motocross national before crossing the rockies destination Telluride


  1. Great photos. Love the first one of Luca perched on that hill!

  2. yeah, that pic could almost be 5 miles of hell!

  3. From the smaller picture (before I clicked), I thought Luca was falling down the hill. Could you hear me scream, "NOOOOOOOO!!!!" from Colorado Springs? Haha looks fun!

  4. Soooo happy you created this site for all of us to follow you. What a wonderful experience! We'll be checking in on you regularly.
    Mike, Lu, Lisa, Michael