Thursday, July 23, 2009

Metro, Ueno,Temples, funky scoters and more japanese food

more of Tokyo
We took Metro to Ueno to check out couple temples.The Subway is great and we are now expert eventhough I got busted by police for not paying enough..not on purpose.
Ueno is famous for its temples and Motorcycle dealerships center of Tokyo.
After 1 temples Alec and I had better things to do.....Sadly the downturn of economy had a lot of store closed or not looking good......could not find a dirt bike!
Tried new foods for dinner in a very live and noisy restaurant......kind of like beer fest in Tokyo
If you eat the shell I will eat 1 too!
Carol is drinking beer....not much wine in Japan

expand and read....was tempted to try some but waffled....

metro tokyo

Alec's ride in Tokyo

temple and skyscrapper

this one was built in 456

homeless kids eating kebabs

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