Monday, July 6, 2009

Limping at Laguna Seca

After a grueling Friday marathon (650 miles from 5Moh to San diego) , we had a great evening at Jim and Linda!
Saturday morning I was back on the road(alone this time) to Hollywood first, to pick up my friend Russ and finaly to Monterrey for MotoGP atLaguna seca
Started to walk like an old man and the color of my skin around my hip reminded me that crashing in the rocks at 5 MOH was not painless....LOL Pix
Sunday morning we had breakfast with my friend Lin and he took us on a tour of the Yamaha paddock where a young italian rider seems to be quite popular!pix
Great day , very busy ,
Back in Hollywood now and working on the week


  1. Ouch! By the way, are those the new designer Depends you are sporting?

  2. hey eric, is that lyn jarvis? (the guy in the jacket, not the image on your butt).