Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4 days in Malaysia and Singapore

It was difficult to leave Japan but the 4 days in Malaysia/Singapore were very good!
As Luca would sum it up: Japan is the most awesome country but Malaysia is so cool!
First we drove to the Singapore border 250 miles from Kuala lumpur toJohor Baru.
Bordertown like no other,over 100,000 people cross the causeway every day to go work to singapore (Kind of Asian Switzerland) and come back.
Malaysia and Singapore in some kind of a contest built some unbelievable forts (no other name for border stations) as big as the biggest casino on earth and built to a higher standard than any US airport I have ever seen.
Crossing the border back and forth was an unbelievable experience, we were the only westerners (lost) but the quality and effieciency was unreal...(we have to bring those people to Tijuana/chula vista border)
otherwise we enjoyed little India in Singapore where Carol got a well neededThai massage that was not a real one but enjoyed it anyway
Then we went to modern Singapore which was to Tokyo's standard.....very very nice as Borat would say.
On our way we stopped in Maleka (oldest Malaysian town) and liked it so much that we went back on way back to Kuala Lumpur.
Best for last, we lived like kings and spent in Malyasia in 4 days what we spent in Tokyo for 1!....Indian dinner for 4...$10

Carol here on Food and Fashion, my favorite!! The food is spectacular, especially Malaysian breakfast which is hard boiled spicy eggs, nuts, tiny dried fish and a red spicy sauce to top it off.
Its different but so so good!!
Fashion, not as fun as Tokyo but what we did see is long colorful dresses beautifully adorned and scarfs to mix or match. What was funny was to see women dressed head to toe in this fashion and zooming around on scooters!! We also saw a woman in the swimming pool with her long dress and scarf. Women observe the Muslim customs but are schooled and free to work.

nice cars in front of Palace in Singapore
Iguana (5 feet)in the Melaka river eyeing Luca and Alec for breakfast!!!!!!!!!

Melaka river

temple in little india

Alec eating some dried fish for breakfast

downtown Melaka

Singapore skyline before major equatorial storm.....when it rains it rains!


  1. Love reading your blog over my morning coffee! Be safe, enjoy! Blessings to you all! xoxoxo

  2. Love the Singapore skyline photo. You all look relaxed and well. xox