Monday, July 20, 2009

Hawaii 5 o

Chilling in paradise! No pressure but ongoing feud between Alec and Luca…our boys are great but sometime relentless
Day 1,We went for a big hike with friends Mike and Maureen from New Smyrna , had a great time and it was big discovery to see those bunkers protecting Hawaii from a foreign invasion.
Evening was a delight thanks to Dan and Kathy Harrington (part timer between Hawaii and New Smyrna Florida) who invited us to a great dinner at the outrigger Canoe Club. We met their lovely son Patrick and had a wonderful time watching sunset on the deck of the restaurant while eating great food!

Day 2 was very humbling since we went for the surfing experience, we tried paddle surfing which is very hard and only little Luca was able to ride a wave , thanks to daddy’s help! (me)
We were very tired and were looking for a good meal away from the Waikiki standard..
I did remember seeing a hole in the wall couple miles from our hotel while we were taxiing from airport.
We left for a long walk along the canal admiring the outrigger canoes team practicing and finally found our target dodging rain shower…..Here we were at ONO, one of the oldest 100% Hawaiian restaurant with ratings that would make any restaurant owner die for!
The experience was fantastic, best home made type of food we had for a long time from Hawaiian pork to coconut cake….even the kids loved it all. Funny but the restaurant was taking only cash and we had to be careful since I did not have much…it was so good that we will go back tomorrow
Day 3 started with a big crisis since I bought Donuts for the kids breakfast 2 days in a row…Carol wanted to kill me but changed her mind after realizing she would be left with the 2 kids……………….alone
Then we went for a big hike after a long public bus trip…always exciting!
Moana Falls was use by Spielberg for 1 of the Jurassic park and was an easy sell for the kids once they realized we would not see dinosaurs. Great hike, very muddy and rainy at was a complete different environment! Jungle, mosquitoes and rain forest! Luca and Alec were the usual trooper and beside of trashing our gears in the mud it was a complete success.
Evening was back at ONO for an even better meal…since we realized it was a BYOB and got beer and wine to top a great dinner.
Day 4 was the big travelling day! We rented a car and went around the island searching for the best cliff jumping (the 3 boys love that stuff). The icing on the cake was a visit at local North Shore Motocross track where Alec and I drooled over a great track!
Oahu is SO beautiful we could stop our trip here and say we already had enough! A great place, fantastic scenery, nice people (beside of old lady in the bus)
WE will be back in Hawaii and have dinner at ONO again…..MAHALO


  1. Every day, I discover unknown regions of the world for me. Thanks to you and enjoy it is only the beginning

  2. I'm not going to worry about the boys jumping off the side of our pool anymore. Great photos and stories Eric. xox

  3. c'est bien sympa de lire tout ça... Vivement le Japon !!