Tuesday, July 21, 2009

happiness at 30000 feet and arrival in Tokyo

great flight from Honolulu to Tokyo, the 8 hours went well , we had great Japanese food (we love airplane food and Japanese food...not a joke)
The flight was so quiet and nice, Japanaese people are so quiet and nice!
Read a great book on our Kindle from Jesse Ventura (dont start the revolution without me!)
Jesse has always been my political hero and this book confirmed it!
Funny but ne now live in Baja and was describing places that will be part of of our itinary in January. (maybe we could have a Corona together in Baja in January!!)
Back to Japan, we discovered those new bathrooms evcerywhere at Narita airport and a security guard gave Luca a high 5 for learning how to use it.....very tricky!

we love japanese food......again

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