Thursday, July 2, 2009


After a few short hours, we reached our destination: Salina where we were met by our dear friend Mike Dougherty and his son Josh. Mike brought me a bike courtesy of Rekluse but sadly, Al Youngwerth and the gang could not make it. We had a great evening/cookout around the campfire sharing stories of our 20+ year friendship. At 6am Thursday, Mike and I headed for the trailhead of the 'Five Miles of Hell'. (5MOH is the toughest trail in america; arguably.......)
By 9 we were under way and 4 hours later, we had conquered the trail with only a few mishaps! Mike's bike and I were overheating badly but both finished the ride gloriously!!!!! The Rekluse Automatic clutches worked SO SO WELL in these conditions making me feel like Geoff Aaron most of the time (beside of having shorter legs!) Definately a great ride with a great friend.

Tomorrow morning, we leave at 6am to reach San Diego before dark after a quick lunch with my sis in Vegas.

You won't read much here for about week while I work in Southern California amd Carol will be with family in SD.


  1. Hey looks like you are all having so much fun. Just wanted to let you know Melinda gave birth today, July 3. Georgianna Sherri entered the world at 9:46am. 7lb, 7oz, 18 1/2 in. Everyone is doing well.

  2. what? working in SocaL?
    what a mood killer!

  3. Sick pics, Eric. Congratulations on finishing in one piece.

    Wow, Luca is already learning how to cook for himself too.

    Happy 4th of July guys. xoxo