Saturday, May 22, 2010

Driving thru Bulgaria and arriving In Istanbul Turkey

It was a long day but we did it!
We left Bucarest early in the morning after great evening with friends Gauthier and Marina!
As soon as we crossed the border we realizes that everything about Bulgaria was true !
This is the poorest European country with an average income of barely $300 a month!
On the brite side, the traffic was very lite and Bulgaria was the ONLY country where we had only sunshine!
The road network went from pleasant to grueling but overall we enjoyed our day drive thru this country>
by end of day we entered Turkey and the feeling was similar than Mexico to US!
Couple hours later we were in Istanbul where the traffic was a expected!
We had to find our hotel without GPS (our GPS does not cover Turkey) and we realized how this little piece of machinery can be missed!
We LOVE Istanbul:
A combo of Asia/middle east and Europe makes this city so attractive but sadly the rain is still with us!
Today we did a city tour with a lot of walking while dodging rain showers
If you were tempted to discover a Muslim country and do it in a step by step fashion then go to Turkey first, Morocco after and then the middle east!
Istanbul is so welcoming to Westerner without losing any charm!

Giant Turkey border crossing with only.... 1 staff

Alec eyeing hislunch in Istanbul

welcome to Bulgaria

Main road in Bulgaria

Istanbul below

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