Monday, May 31, 2010

Reflections on "Ondee" from Istanbul

I know we are backtracking here, but "Ondee" deserves a paragraph in this blog!!
We met the nicest young man from Kurdistan. He was only 19 years old but speaking to him you would guess that he is much older. At Alec's age, only 13 years old, Ondee left his home (he comes from a family of 10 children) to break away from his predestined life of being a sheppard. For generations this is what his family has done but when he expressed interest in doing something else, his ideas were met with resistence from his father. Ondee set off by himself with only the shirt on his back and ended up in Istanbul very hungry and tired. He was taken in by various people and he began working in the local restaurants. Today you will find this handsome young man dressed up in a suit charming people into the restaurant he works for. He speaks beautiful english and makes all of the guests feel special. The boys were princes, me a queen and Eric "Sylvester Stalone"!! He and Ondee share the same birthday and the same entrepreneural spirit. We all fell in love with Ondee and know he'll be a big success one day!!

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