Monday, May 31, 2010

Athens, Corinth Canal and Kamena Vourla

Time is flying again!
We left Athens Sunday with not too much regret since we found the town quite dirty yet very interesting! Last day I went alone with Luca to local beach where I was reminded of the crowd found at local Mediteranean beaches! (way too many peoples for me)
Then we went to the Corinth Canal ( an impressive 19th century creation) where Robbie Madison jumped 300 feet (height and lenght) over the canal gap last month (Robbie is unreal!)
Then we drove inland Greece, found a great little town where we had a mouth watering lunch and made friends with locals!
The end of day was a trip on memory lane since we decided to stay where I spend my summer vacation of 1973 (Kamena Vourla on east coast of Greece)
Strangely enough, the Hotel Owner's dad was the camping owner of where we stayed!
She took us to the old location (now closed) where my family and I spent August 1973!
We had a great day swimming and re discovering (for me) this idylic place!
On our way to West coast and then Ferry to Italy!

The Beach were I spent my summer vacation in 1973 with my family!

When I was Alec's age (13) I was at the same spot with my dad!this was the farthest point from home I had ever been.....(for Alec it is not!)

Kamena Vourla

Enjoying a lunch feast with the restaurant's ownner

Bungee jumping the Corinth canal?????

Our buddy Robbie Madison jumped that canal! unreal!

Luca enjoying a busy Athens beach

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