Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hierapolis/Pamukalle and Turkish riviera

Superb day with summer like temperature in Turkey!
We went to Pamukalle for hot springs and sceneries and we discovered one of the best preserved Roman cities from 300 AD!
Hierapolis was the nicest town east of Rome in 300 ad! that says it all!
After several hours of hiking, swimming and discovering this site we drove couple hours to the mediteranean coast for a taste of the Turskish Riviera...and once again we were impressed!
Tomorrow we will ferry to the greek Island of Chios!

Turkish riviera

Map of Hierapolis 300 AD

Unbelievable sceneries and ruins!

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  1. J'étais a Pamukalle l'été dernier... vraiment sympa au coucher de soleil !!!
    des paysages sympa et un pays vraiment accueillant...
    Profitez bien