Saturday, May 29, 2010

Carol's view on Greece

Arriving to Mainland Greece
Pulling into the harbor at 6am was magic, especially after escaping from our ca bin which was at least 100 degrees!! We were lucky to have GPS again which lead us faithfully to our hotel by 7am but we couldn’t check in for another couple of hours! We stopped at a corner cafĂ© with some crusty old guys drinking their morning espresso! Couldn’t resist, so we ordered some caffeine shots for us and some hot chocolate for the boys, some of the best of both we’ve had in weeks!! Crusty yes, but this will be our new hang out!!
So, our first impression is “seedy!!!!” but everything is relative!! We love this place! Its lively and crazy and everyone yells a lot and honks their horns when they drive even if it doesn’t help the situation!!
After a great run, its off to sight see again!! How many more ruins can we see before our feet are in ruins?!! Our first stop was the Acropolis with the beautiful Parthanon . What an amazing sight. We realized that in our entire year of travel, this was the oldest man made structure we had seen-about 400 years BC give or take a few years. There is a big restoration project for the Parthenon which was bombed during WWII. You are not even allowed to sing or speak loudly for fear of damaging the structure.
As usual, us foodies are off in search for some spanikopita and some gyros!! Spanikopita is a spinach and feta pie in phylo dough, my absolute favorite food!!! Also stuffed tomatoes, green peppers and eggplant! Yum!
Off to discover more!!

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