Friday, May 28, 2010

Acropolis! (Athens)

Man it was hot!
We finally have the summer we were looking for couple weeks!
We are in the mid 90, in Athens discovering the Acropolis!
Since we saw Hierapolis in Turkey few days ago it feels less spectacular but nevertheless it is a thrill!
We walked the town all day since we were here at 6am!
Right now drinking ouzo and rose wine at a cafe's terrace and loving it....

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  1. Oh Carol, Shane and I have so enjoyed keeping up with you guys!! We will be studying Ancient Greece in our History program this coming school year. We would love to have you come over and talk to us about some of your travels. Shane had a dream last night about having lunch with Luca. We can't wait until you back in the boy wants to see your boy very badly! lol!! Enjoy the remainder of your stay!