Thursday, May 27, 2010

Leaving Turkey (sadly) and Chios island (Greece)

Sea sun and....?
Welcome to to the Greek Island of Chios where we have been the last 24h!
We were sad to leave Turkey where we really had the best time and weather...we are now in the 90"s and sunburns are chasing us!
Last day in Turkey was great, we followed the coast to our first ferry ride to Greece!
The Ferry ride was epic and vintage, only 3 cars in in the belly of the beast (boat) and here we we were in Greece!
Different approach here, people seems to be more tense and serious than the Turks!
The turks were SO nice!
That said, the ambience is great and the party like feeling is fun as well!
Tonight we will take another ferry to Athens after chilling (burning!) 24 h around the island of Chios!

Alec admiring the sea!

Greek island beach!

View from our room in Chios

Waiting for Ferry to Greece in Turkey

picnic in Greece

seafood lunch in Turkey...yam yam

cool little ride in Greece

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