Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On the road again and freezing in Europe

Here we are again travelling!
We landed yesterday morning in Paris after very long flight due to Volcano in Iceland!
Uppon landing we jumped in a car and drove to Belgium where we had lunch with great friend Guy VW! then drove to Amsterdam where temperature was barely 40 degrees ..5 celcius!
Had great evening in town followed by a more or less successfull night....(jet lag)
Today, got up and drove to berlin on Germaan Autobahn at 100 mph cruise speed!
Most of the the time we felt like we were standing still since cars were passing us at 150 +....
The weather is a bit warmer in Germany.....already 55/60!
We will visit town tomorrow!

Arriving in Berlin with our 3008 Peugeot

sunset in Amsterdam

Yes it is a 2 seaters!

Like in Bangkok Iguana in the park....but those are statues

Only in Holland ,Hamburger vending loved it!

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