Monday, May 24, 2010

Driving to Central Turkey and wild night in Pamukkale!

Another great day in Turkey and what a surprise it is to us.....!
We had no expectation for this country and we are blown away!
The scenery is beautifull everwhere (very green) and people are the nicest! (The food is also the icing on the cake!(
We drove 400 miles on 4 lanes highways mostly without tolls and beside of a little Asma crisis for Luca had no worries.
Just a pit stop to use nebulizer, have lunch, refill the car and have it clean and we were on our way again!
In the evening we arrived in Pamukalle(incredible place) where a thermal hot springs has been covering an entire hill with travertine (a lot a calcium in water!)
The view of this while hill in the middle of nowhere is simply breathtaking!
In the evening we had a great meal but then the restaurant owner (mamet who sounded like Borat) invited to try another Turkish specialty : the Hooka pipe!
We all had a blast, the kids we laughing so hard to see their parents smoke water pipe and get dizy......LOL
Another day we will not forget soon...

Our little hotel in old Istanbul

Car wash at gas station (White car in background was my first car in 1979, Renault 12 wagon)

Nebulizer stop!

Beautiful scenery in Central Turkey

Luca making friends.....Luca is our best passport!

Arizona or.......Turkey????


Wild night in Turkey

Us with trouble maker Mamet that made us do it!

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