Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Train Adventure!!

First off, I have to apologize to my lovely husband for alll of the trepidation I had for this train adventure!!  It has been a wonderful experience that I will always cherish, so thank you baby for bringing me out of my comfort zone!!

Train Survival!

Do bring a great bottle of wine, or you could go local and more elegant and bring champagne and caviar!  We opted for peanut butter and nutella on little  toasts.

Do get on the good side of the providnistas by buying from their mini market set up in their sleeping quarters.  Then, you have broken the ice and can charge your electronics and do as you please without dirty looks.  On our 3rd leg to Moscow ours were sweethearts.

Do buy up noodle boxes and instant potatoes as a mainstay diet.

Do get off the train at longer stops to experience buying from the local baboushkas. 

Do get back on the train on those short stops or you won't see your family in days and seeing that we all get off the train in flipflops, to the amusement of the locals, that would not be fun.

Do bring a bowl for a daily sponge bath (something I really appreciated!).

Most importantly, do bring your sense of humor and you'll fare very well!
And finally do not forget:
This is not for everyone to enjoy unless you have some camping training!
150 hours in a train (the distance between Key west and Anchorage) requires a bit of crazyness that we fortunately gladly have!
Also as final words we could say that is possible to do the transiberian without a long as you took one before getting on the train! (Rule forgotten by couple of our comrades neighbours)

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