Sunday, October 18, 2009

From Russia with love .......and patience

Ok bad news first, we have a ton of pictures that can not be downloaded or very very slowly thru russian internet!
We may have the same issue we had in China! but we will be patient

This is the only bad news, we had a great time travelling from Mongolia and patience we learned going thru the russian border (it took 10 hours of stand by)
Nevertheless the mood of the group we were with in the russian carriage was upbeat and fun!
(us + couple of English people, 1 australian and 3 German girls)
We got picked up in Irkutsk upon arrival at 6 am and went on toward Lake Baikal the largest frest water lake in the world and the coldest.....barely above freezing as we speak!
we stayed with a lovely Siberian Lady who fed us like kings.(great home food that was very welcome after the chinese food!
We walked around the lake in siberian temperature and chilled with our host watching ice skating on TV.
Carol will come back asap with more colors on those few days!

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