Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pictures from Mongolia

Look at what we saw in the snow storm in cool is that?
Visibility was close to zero!
beginning of snowstorm
a family we visited in Mongolian desert

Carol negociating the trike for me
If you make it start Ill buy it!

Walking toward a village before the snowstorm
Luca riding !
"Steve mc Queen" ready to roam the Mongolian desert
Outside of our Gers
Inside of Gers...really cute
Buddhist temple in UB...Dalai Lama was here 4years
Temple in UB
Alec wondering about a YAK milkshake
Incredible...each carriage is lifted at Mongolian border for a change of wheels (Chines train dont fit european standard)
Luca Chilling while Carol enjoy scenery

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