Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pictures Lake Baikal /Irkoukst Siberia

Luca preparing snowball in front of giant Irkoustk statue (Lenine?)
The legend says: if you wash your face in lake baikal freezing water you add 10 years to your life
Luca playing with russian friend
Alec and Luca trying to impress the bear
Siberian home
the harbor in Lake Baikal......should we go for caviar?
The wood heated sauna....only way to wash around here....we had a blast going all together
Enjoying a great meal
does it look cold?????yes it was very cold, kind of like Siberia!
9am , nothing better than a dozen "crepes" to wake up (very thin pancakes)
6 am arriving in Irkoutsk in snow storm

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