Saturday, October 24, 2009

From Russia with love.....and pictures!

Enjoying very much our Moscow stay> Check some pictures below before Carol comes back with more details of our long week end in Moscow Enjoying great russian food in popular democratic Russian restaurant
Red square at night

Alec and Luca trying to pick up couple Russian girls while talking to a dead bear skin (click on pix to expand)

Luca dreaming in front of an exotic car at Millionaire fair (The boys are becoming car crazy!)

The Metro in Moscow is spectacular.....we use it to go everywhere!

This is kind of a cool story..... we ended in front of this billborad by accident and I could not hide my excitment about being in Moscow the week end of the " Moscow Millionaire fair".... (Extravaganza show known world wide and especially in Robb Report...Lol!)
While I was explaining what was the MF to Carol and kids a person went by us and said "yes he is right"!We engaged in a conversation and the Dutch gentleman was the founder/owner of a Luxury watch company named Aspen!
He invited us to the show and gave us 4 tickets......Thanks Renee, we had a great time thanks to you!

biggest canon in the world inside the Kremlin

Medvedev pad inside Kremlin.....Putin does not leave in Kremlin anymore
On a side note: We learned that the Russian are still upset at Napoleon for trashing Kremlin

Mummy what are those ladies dressed in fur doing walking on catwalk?????
This was Luca first fashion was awesome

Alec could not hide his joy about seeing fashion show

Back of red square

red square...Spectacular

other side of red square

trying to find out our entry to Kremlin...only 2 gates and 70 acres

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