Saturday, October 3, 2009

News from China

After spending 1 night in Hong Kong celebrating the 60th birthday of communist China!
What a firework we had to welcome us....
Then next day our friend Yannick his wife Fanny and little boy Axel were here to pick up and take us 3 hours away in mainland China (Jiangmen, little 1 million people town barely on the China map)
What a shock it was!
The modernism, the quality of new contruction is unbelivable....real new kind of like Orange county with a lot of building that could be in Las vegas or Disneyworld!Unreal!
We went to the street food market(more like middle age), tried electric scooter in the street visited their pit bike factory and rode all afternoon at their test track with dozen of kids watching us ride (Alec luca and I)
Tomorrow Sunday we will boat back to Hong Kong where we will be for 3 days before going to Beijing!
Big thanks to our friends for their kindness and generosity
(Pictures to come later)

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