Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flasback on China since downloading pictures was impossible

little come back on our chinese time ! enjoying a hot pot tdinner in the street beijiing
pretty cool taxi tricycle

Luca is a superstarin Asia.....people ask to take pictures of him with their family member all the time

Doggy made it to the great wall

Luca running the wall chased by his brother and dad!!

great have to see it to believe it!

first time in a gondola

forbidden city

P team in China

they love their army and take it pretty seriously! all the soldier were 6 foot tall and pretty impressive....maybe they have a special diet

our guide doing some overtime carying Luca

Luca ready to be served for lunch

Entrance of forbiden city

meeting our friend Philippe in beijiing in a very special chinese restaurant

menu of above were pretty upset

Alec sleeping in a styling coach at Beijing

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