Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our time in Mongolia

The last 30 hours were like a dream for us.  We were met by our guide who took us to all of the must sees of UB.  We went to a beautiful buddhist monestary where we were able to witness the monks chanting their sutras, a great experience.  We visited the square which had a large statue of Genghis Khan, the local hero who conquered in the 1200's.  We rode out through the countryside where we saw wild horses, herds of sheep, cows and yaks; just beautiful!  We arrived to our ger camp, to die for, romantic and everything we dreamed of!!  We learned so many things from our lovely host who explained to us many of the local beliefs and taboos. We had the honor to visit a local family in their ger where we were served homemade butter, yogurt, and the local tea which is a mix of milk salt and sometimes tea. The best was eating curd (a lot like very hard dried goat cheese-my favorite!) Yes, we are in love with Mongolia and the happy smiling people.  To make our visit even more magic, we had an October snow complete with snowball fights for the kids! The finale was eating at a Mongolian BBQ, our last real meal for several days!

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