Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fun MISC. facts of the trip

Most of asia has all traffic light connected to a Screen timer showing you how many seconds left of each cycle.....very safe for drivers

Australia and all Asia do not switch brake side for Bicycles and Motorcycles!(like USA and most Europe)
The front brake is ALWAYS on the right side for both....(Rule we apply at home on all our 2 wheels vehicule)

Australia 1: Pretty weird to have the smallest coin in Australia having the least value, 2 dollars is the size of a quarter while a quarter is 3 time the size of 2 dollars..

Australia 2: Time zone change in 30 minutes not hours.....very difficult to keep trak of time zone when you are in 30 minutes increments..

Mongolia and Russia are buying tons of used cars from Japan....ok not so odd!
Yet, they drive like us in US on the left side of road and have more cars with steering wheel on the right side on the roads.....very confusing! (driving a left hand drive car is a status symbol since most likely you bought the car new!)

Prices for all major brand are global ...sadly!
you will pay the same price for an original pair of Nikes or Oakleys anywhere in the world..from Sydney to Beijiing to Irkoutsk.....
How can they afford an 100 dollars pair of shoes in some of those countries is wild.......yet all big stores are full

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