Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hong Kong

Good comfortable time in Hong Kong before getting back into mainland China for transiberiean!
No worries here, we are in a world class city but we have seen few of them already and dispite the sheer beauty of the bay we are over of how predictable it is!(too may malls)
That said the chinese are not the most friendly Asians we have seen! Not much smily and can be rude at time! No big deal of course!
One of our biggest surprise is how few locals speak english...
Tomorrow we will be flying to Beijing and hopefully the internet will not be too limited and controled but we could be short on information for next couple weeks Yoga Carol with HK in back ground
HK from Victoria peak

HK fighting with Singapore for cleanest city????not allowed to smoke outdoor......
Mmmmmm....we do not smoke but it is getting too much!

I don't think they can build more in this neighborhood!

Getting organized in our hotel

Alec working on his next FMX move!

The place to be in HK!

Bruce lee.....All time HK hero!

HK skyline!

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