Friday, September 11, 2009

Week in Bali

Ah hhhh.......Bali. We are in love with Bali! We really had no idea what to expect but we can now say that we will come back for more!! Our time here has unfolded in a series of the most wonderful experiences. White water rafting through the Rainforest and the rice paddys was so exotic! What we did would never fly in the US with a 6 year old!! The finale to the trip was a 4 meter waterfall which we took without much of a choice to bail out!! Luca claimed it was the best day of his life!! We had an unforgettable trip to the Sacred Monkey Forest which started with our first monkey forcefully stealing a bag of pastries from us! We laughed so hard just from the shock of it!! The monkeys put on quite a show climbing up our legs and back to get our banannas. We witnessed monkeys with mojo and mama monkeys feeding their babies one foot away looking at us thoughtfully, all a true National Geographic moment!!

We have found the Balinese people to be generous, happy and without fear. They run freely without the fear we as westerners feel. Babies play at the side of busy roads, school children walk home at the edge of the busy main road, and most people get around on scooters sharing the street with the trucks passing in areas we would think were unpassable. Everyone has a big smile and give a friendly toot to warn they are passing. The first day we were in shock, but a few days in we rented a scooter and got comfortable with the locals and decided the best way to get around is by scooter!

Some cool experiences not to miss here: a yoga class!! Heaven! Balinese Dancers- a hundred men chant to the gods around a candelabra that put us into a trance. There were masks to die for-gorilla masks, elephant masks, a king and a fire dancing horse. We have some things to figure out now. Also not to miss is the snorkeling. We took an outrigger boat with a local fisherman to a Japanese submarine for snorkeling. Beautiful to see the kids experience this. The sea was rough but below, all was calm and beautiful. We feel we are living a dream in the kids words. The road has been a treat. Every corner we have seen has been a treat for the eyes. The locals carry huge baskets on their heads of the latest harvest, they tend their rice paddys in their triangular basket woven hats, entire kitchens are carried on the back of scooters as they make their way to the market. How do they manage the road??? So cool!

Last night we were treated to a great restaurant experience where the waiter also played the guitar! His friends joined him one by one adding bongo drums, tamborine, singers, a true jam session! So spontaneous!

We will truly miss Bali and plan to come back!

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