Thursday, September 17, 2009

chang Mai, elephants and more creatures

We left sadly our friend in Bangkok but fortunatly got greeted by Russ and Fon at Airport!
Russ came from California to spend a week with us and his friend Sy Fon from Thailand!
We flew to Chang mai the same evening for a short shuttle flight 50 minutes in a 747...go figure
Chang mai is in the mountains of thailand with only 1 milion people and has a very nice provincial feel!On Wednesday, Russ and Fon took the boys to see more monkeys and a temple....the boys had a great time while Carol and I were regrouping at our hotel!
Today was quite unreal with an afternoon spent with elephants and playing with snake
See picture below)
Tomorrow we are going in the Golden triangle to the Laos and Burma borders...
We have no idea what to expect and we are loving it! Chiang Mai 4 seasons hotels
Rice paddies around 4 seasons

Luca with a beauty.....15 feet python

Carol with new necklace

Alec was the bravest and was the first one to play with snake

Luca watching an elephant take a bath

Luca attacked by elephant

real sweet animal.....would be a nice pet...

the gang on their way to elephant land

Noodle boy striking again with green one this time

how cool is that

Alec has been buffing up a little!......all that surfing is paying off

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