Friday, September 11, 2009

Bali Pictures

getting ready for our snorkel adventure....powering in and sailing back!
Bali Scenery around Candilasa

Enjoying some exotic fruit....that was not that enjoyable! you never trust a fruit that you can not hold (like a cactus)

MX bike indonesian style....always Monster energy!

local enjoying time with son around Amed

full service gas station.....$1.5 a gallon

what? a 70cc 4 stroke to power this boat!!!....where is my V8?

getting ready to snorkel

luca showing his fin before snorkeling (our bungalow in background!)

Middle of Bali

kids greeting us.....or asking us for stuff...cute kids anyway

those fruits were unreal....fruit of passion etc

rice field around Ubud

lake Batur

too cute

Luca attacked by a monkey

nice sculpture in Monkey forest

jungle bridge

minivan indonesian style

Alec attacked by a monkey

Going for evening ride......did not dare 4!

Luca getting a massage....head thru table!

Alec getting a massage.........No, our kids are not spoiled!LOL

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