Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thailand, "the beach" the movie

After easy couple hours flight from Chiang mai to Phuket island we ended up in Patong !
side note, THAI airways is so awesome, economy is like busines class in the the US and the staff so friendly.
Russ ,Sayfon and us decided to get a boat and discover the surrounding islands! What a treat is was! We have toped our most beautifull place ever.....better than anything we had seen so far..
No wonder they chose this place to shoot the movie the Beach few years ago.
Days like that can not be described properly, pictures do a better job! Enjoy

Luca snorkeling in the middle of exotic fishes
later, I want to be a navy seal!

one of the island and our boat, we chose the fast one with fun fun

Alec jumping in crystal clear water

happy boy! soon to be 7

poscard setting (our lunch spot)

Crystal clear water I said......

Phi Phi island

feeding the island monkey, they even cool

Sad reminder of what happened 4 years ago......but you would not notice unless you knew!

Carol and her "Leonardo" in Maya bay (where the movie was shot)

another poscard from thailand

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