Sunday, September 6, 2009

Carol here!!

Unreal day!  The images are overwhelming, from the women carrying huge loads of their goods on their heads to the naked children along the white water rapids coming for their daily bath.  The motor scooters are loaded one meter wide and a meter high with freshly picked farm produce and the driver manages the winding road as well as everyone else, calm as a cucumber.

The river rafting was breathtaking and in between shouts of forward, back paddle and raft flipping we snuck a peak at the sheer cliffs and stunning rainforest.  The last few minutes of the ride was frightening but exhilerating to say the least!!  Couldn't believe Luca was in the raft and didn't go flying out!!  We are ready for another day at the pool after today.

We were treated to a view of rice patties and corn fields in the countryside.  The locals donned traditional triangular bamboo hats (love those!!) and were tending their crops.  Roadside stands with local indonesian food was tempting after all of that rafting!!

The primary religion here is Bali seems to be Hinduism.  We have seen their sacred cows and their daily offerings of flower petals and even larger offerings with the full moon.  Beautiful experience!!  We are left wanting more...

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