Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pix of last 3 days /From Thailand to vietnam

After travelling pretty much all day we went from Phuket to Bangkok to Hochimin city!
We left our friends Russ and Fon with regrets, we had such a good time together.When you are in a great place with great friends, it doesn't get any better than that!
Arrival in Vietnam reminded we were in a communist country with a lot of men in uniform everywhere! What a shock it was, busiest place we have seen so and night!
We are not kidding here but crossing a freeway at rush hour would be less intimidating than crossing a Blvd in HCNC (saigon)SCARY!
Otherwise, VN is so vibrant, 65% of people are below 30, a big part are becoming very fashionable, at the speed they are going they will bein the 3rd milenium in 10 years!
First day was dedicated to History since we visited the famous CU CHI battle field and tunnel network!
We did not feel very proud to be French or American.......1
inside one the cu CHI tunnel, 100 degrees , 100 humidity....and 4 feet tall
Alec with couple VC friends

one the tunnel entrance.......Luca thinking if only this could be true....Alec disapearing in a hole!

Following Alec.......not good!

Try to cross this street

The A team at Bangkok airport...we had such a great time

Carol learning about Budhism

Begining of Luca from Russ and fon!

Paradise beach in Thailand...............properly named!

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