Wednesday, September 30, 2009

100 days on road and 8 month to go!

October 1, Hong kong China October 8, Beijing China October 13, leaving China on transsiberian railway October 14/15, Ulaan Baatar Mongolia October 22, Moscow Russia October 26, Paris France PARIS SX November 6, Cape town South Africa November 13, Namibia November 22, Dubai UAE November 26, Paris France December 5 ,Geneva Switzerland Geneva SX December 15 Marrakech, Morocco December 20, Grenoble France January 5, So cal USA Anaheim 1 SXJanuary 20, Leave with RV to Mexico February 25, Back in Florida with RV March 5, Leave to South America, Buenos aires March 15, Lima Peru March 25, Santiago Chile April 13 ,Ushaia Patagonia April 20th, Sao Paulo Brazil April 30, back home Florida May 7, Brussel belgium May 14, Berlin Germany May 21, Prague Czech republic May 28, Istanbul Turkey June 5, Athens Greece June 12, Roma Italia June 20, Grenoble France July 1st, Rekjavik Iceland July 10, Back home FLORIDA

Just like a new government we feel obligated to report the state of the union after 100 days of sleeping outside of our own beds!
If you want to know in details what we have done please click on link and discover our adventure!

Otherwise brace yourself for a few numbers:

100 days on the road
15 intercontinental flights
11000 miles driven (17000km)
50 hours in a plane
25000 miles flown
10 countries
100 times got close to strangling kids (maybe more)
3 traffic tickets ( Malaysia , Australia and Indonesia)
1 typhoon
3 rainy days (beside of Typhoon)
2 teeth lost for Luca
15 pounds lost between Carol and I
1 yoga class
0 Mc Donald in Vietnam (the only place so far)
1500 digital pictures
6 days on 2 wheels dodging traffic in Indonesia. Thailand and Vietnam
7 dollars a gallon of gas in Northern territory Australia ( too bad we had an RV)
1,5 dollars a gallon in Indonesia (who cares we had a scooter)

The world so far has been a fantastic place! People have been great all over and happiness has nothing to do with income nor material things, quite the opposite actually!

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  1. 100 days of your daily blog and I still want more!