Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Manly, Sydney ,and last week in Australia

Here we go,
the part of the trip that we thought would never end is done within 24 h!
Good time in Sydney yet a bit too civilized for us!
We just realize today that we could be anywhere in the western english world seating between a Starburcks and a MC donalds...we could have been in Seattle or SFO!
We are ready for more exotism and differences...Indonesia should fix that in couple days.
Manly is a beautifull little town 7 miles by ferry from the center of Sydney, this is a place where a slow pace of life and overall cleanliness/healthy feeling has taken over!
A place where Carol and I would love be residents if we had a chance....for another life!
Tomorrow, I will have businness meeting with the Australian SX promoter (pretty excited about that, always fun to meet new people in our business) while Carol will get ready for our next move.

Friday morning at 7am we will be on a ferry to Sydney then taxi to Airport then 8 hours to Jakarta and finally couple hours to will be a long day

At the end of the day, we have been 35 days in Australia, travelled over 10000km (6500miles)
burned over 500gallons of diesel at up to 7$ a gallon, saw 3 live kangaroos, 12 emus, few crocodiles and millions of bats. We have been cold and used the heater entire night and other times used the AC all night long.
Australia is very cool but very different from one side to the the other (kind like USA), some places are rough and un educated and some places are refined.....
We loved everyday....very nice and very easy country to visit once you realize the distances...

Luca looking at Sydney tower
Sydney Harbor and opera

Only in sydney..they need signs like this everywhere in Australia...very dangerous for pedestrians

Alec tried to kill Luca in front of Opera

the big view from ferry

Luca no teeth smiling with Daddy

Manly harbor

Luca lost a tooth and got a new haircut, Carol did not ...and got a new hair cut

Manly kidding?????

Luca and his new favorite food....corn beef (sure he got this from his late Grandpa) budget is going down!


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