Friday, September 18, 2009

Thailand, the gift that keeps on giving!

The last 2 days were quite an adventure!
After seeing elephants etc we thought the end of the week would less excited but we were wrong!
Thailand has SO much to offer!
We hired a guide/minivan and went for a discovery of northern Thailand and border region!
pictures below will do a better job than trying to describe
Today Saturday we are leaving Chiang Mai for the Phuket area....back to the beach
walking toward the "long neck" village (very slippery)
long neck lady playing the guitar ( the people were so nice but we were all confused about intrudindg in their world)

"long neck" hut.....beside of bike in front , it could be "few" years ago

the kids were soooo cute and beautifull too!(she is Alec's age)

Golden Budha at the LAOS border

"Swiftboating" the mekong on our way to Laos, on those very special Thai boat

Carol drinking Laos Viagra (Cobra in Moonshine)......I had some too!

the famous "golden triangle"
This was the center of opium growing and always paid in gold....(golden triangle!)

nice bathroom wall

on the left Thailand, straight adead Burma. and right Laos

real cool Budha!

Luca playing with his favorite toy/friend (uncle Russ) while Saifon is having a laugh

White temple!

In front of White temple!

Lca with a local tractor (water buffalo)

White temple..kind of creepy!

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