Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hoi an adventure

Yesterday and today we cruised around Hoi An!
Will not try to describe it since Carol did a great job yesterday!
Bravo to Carol for deciding she would ride a scooter in Vietnam, I carried the boys and here we went for 50 miles to Marble mountain (Budhist temple) and China beach (Big US R/R during the war)
It was fun eventhough VN roads seems to be more dangerous than Bali or Thailand!

Pagoda at Marble mountain

White Budha at Marble mountain

Sunset in Hoi an

Smily 7

kids getting out of school on their bicycle while lucky 7 looks like a TT road racer

quasi vertical stairs at Marble Mountain

Kids cruising street on their antic looking bicyle

Vietamese SUV at China beach

Carol doing a great Job!

China beach view from Marble mountains

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