Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tierra del Fuego......Land's end!

Unbelievable Vistas!
Tierra del Fuego was named this way by early navigators who were noticing fires on land!
Those fires were lit by local Indians for food and this area got the name “land of fire”!
Why did we ask? Simply because we are freezing with a high of 40 ….maybe! and the name made us wonder!
We went to the end of the world, the southern most road (numero 3) and enjoyed a quiet feel!
We were 12000 miles from Alaska!
The scenery around here is equal of superior to the best mountain sceneries we have seen before!(Alaska and Scandinavia)
Missed the penguins since they started their migration last week, we will catch them farther north on our Chilean trip side!
Tomorrow, we start our drive toward Patagonia in our very expensive rent a car ($250 a day), cross into Chile, drive hundreds of miles on dirt road and then get to El Calafate by Saturday!

Argentina Rv...I am sure this one gets 30mpg

Us in Tierra del Fuego National park

luca in beaver land!

I like this tree!

on our way to Ushuaia

National park fjord!

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