Saturday, March 13, 2010

More City life before heading to the Falls

We often unconciously refer to our hotel as HOME, so after a few days in our Buenos Aires boutique hotel, home looks like this... we start the day with a basket of sweet croissants and some of the best coffee we've ever had! Cafe El Bohio is thick and smooth and heavenly! You can find it at!! Then we jog at the Plaza de Martin, a plaza celebrating a famous Argentinian war hero and filled with statues honoring this hero. The 300 year old trees form a canapy that shades the entire park so in 80 weather its the perfect place to run! Then its off to discover this beautiful city! San Telmo, home of the Tango, is our favorite neighborhood. It looks like the backdrop for a latin romance with colorful buildings and chic clothing and antique shops. The heart of this neighborhood is filled with outdoor restaurants, music, and Artesans selling their goods. Although very bohemian, it has an upscale feel. We also loved La Boca. Getting there from our hotel made us wonder what we were getting into because the neighborhood went down a few nothches with increasing grafiti and not so clean streets, but once there we loved the vibe. Each building was a bright pastel color pieced together with corregated tin. The cobblestone streets were lined with restaurants and tango dancers, an outdoor market and some very colorful people. We stopped for some pizza and a drink on a side street with the locals. The waiter was a character delighted to speak what english he knew with us.

We've found that people here are kind, often charming, and willing to practice their English with great pride. Most people are discreet going about their daily business. We feel like we've blended here.

Today we took a trip to the local market. We've never seen vegetables and fruits that are as beautiful as here! We strolled and ate, stolled and ate more! Everything tasted as though it was freshly picked or caught!! Well worth the trip!
Argentina is a mix of Spanish and Italian decent so you see a variety of foods that reflect both. Pizza, homemade pasta, empanadas (a mini calzone) and paella are common here. Grilled red meat is what most Argentians love, including all parts of the cow. They especially like the Thymus (we had some in Mexico with Suzie and it was delicious). Vegetables are less easy to find in the restaurants but when you do, its usually chard or spinach or sweetened butternut squash. Caprese is also very popular, but mostly found in empanadas. The wine is delicious. Try some Argentian wine from Mendoza!

Tomorrow we go to Iguazu Falls to see the nature!

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