Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On the Road Again!!

Thank you to everyone back home for your outpouring of love!! It was so good to see those that we did and we can't wait to see everyone else when we return! We'll need a good party!!

Its funny how we all found comfort being in an airport. Time seems to fly now and we know what to do. It feels more the norm than being back home!! Once on the flight the boys took their seats, pulled out what they needed for the flight, homework, no (sorry! that will come later) earphones, yes for the long flight ahead. We were all excited for a night of movies, our little airplane meal, Argentian wine, and maybe an hour of sleep.

We are all thrilled to be back on the road!! So far, Argentina feels just right! Its a perfect city with great cafes and elegant restaurants, beautiful statues, and architecture that definitely has a french influence. If Siberia has the most beautiful women in the world, Argentina is its match in men!! Buenos Aires has been compared to Paris which is true so far but it does have something about it that is all its own. We intend to discover what that is. So here we go!!

Sporty 40, Dana Ledet and co-workers, Tim and Cindy and all of our faithful followers, we're back!!

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