Sunday, March 28, 2010

Puerto Montt (Chile) to Bariloche (Ar)

Long bus day today!
We left early morning in our nice shinny bus for an 8 hours journey crossing the Andes!
Unbelievable scenery reminding us a lot of the high Sierra and Lake Tahoe!....but so much bigger!
Argentine and Chile have to be the best kept secret ever! those 2 countries have a very good lifestyle with barrely none of the arogance linked to the western world!
People are so nice ,friendy and educated.....very refreshing!
Arriving in Bariloche (The mountain sport capital of Argentina) we got blown away by the beauty and quality of life! This a place where we could move to in a minute!
To best is the South America capitol of ......Chocolate! People are known to gain weight just strolling thru the street looking at chocolate displays....LOL
Check pictures below and tell us you think if we are in South America or ....Austria???
Sunday night we will have another first ...a 15h bus ride overnight in First class to Mendoza where we will meet Jim and Linda (Carol's brother and wife for 3 days)
Folding seat , meals, sleeper.....sounds too good to be true!

Old Europe or South America????

Old French cars are still popular in Argentina

Crossing the border in Bus!

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