Saturday, March 20, 2010

From Ushuaia to El Calafate

Busy 48h travelling from TierrA Del Fuego to Patagonia!
Interesting since I thought the 2 regions were the same but infact they are completely different!(the first one is an Island while the other one emcompass a quarter of Argentina!
The highlight being of course smugling illegal lunch into Chile and getting caught!
After being warned by Carol that I should not lie on the custom declaration I got myself in hot water and the meanest people to me were not the Chilean custom!
I spent almost an hour in various offices with professional but intimidating people.
I had to write my confession and begged for forgiveness on paper in Spanglish! then watch an official fill countless paper by hand and stamps ....more stamps....!
The final step was in a back dark room where I had to incinerate all the illegal goods myself in the their official stove/oven!
After all that humiliation process I was simply let go with a short....
Don't do it again!
What a relief if was.....nada nothing....after thinking it was the end of trip and we would have to sale everything to get out of this one....!
Then I had to face Carol who was patientely waiting for me in the car.....!!!!!!!!!!
This delay +waiting 2 hours for the ferry + reclearing custom to get back in Argentina made us arrive at our midway point in Rio Gallegos almost by midnight!
Fortunately , the first hotel we saw was open and available!
Today we drove from Rio G to El Calafate, Beautiful little town on the shore of the pastel blue Lago Argentino and gateway to famous Perito Moreno Glacier!
That will be our Sunday excursion!

Alec on top of Patagonia

Crossing the Magelan Strait!

terra del fuego freeway.....

Lamas are so beautiful and cool!

More fjords

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