Friday, March 26, 2010

Cruising the Patagonian Channels! In Chile!

A first for this one: our first lengthy journey on a boat!(4 days)
1000 miles cruising from the bottom of Patagonia to the top in Puerto Montt!
After bussing from El Calafate 6 hours to Puerto Natales (real cool town!) we had to spend an entire afternoon before boarding our Cargo ship with about 100 humans and more live cows…..the smell was awesome!(Some humans were smelly too!)
We had our little cabin for 4 where we slept so well since it was cold outside (40’)!
Just like an Alaskan cruise (with the slight difference that we may have been among the oldest on the boat) we cruised the fjords , admired Glaciers and watched dolphins and seals play around the ship!
It was a very interesting experience for all of us not unlike the Transiberien where we had the luxury to get bored and enjoy life at a very slow pace! To us it is really a luxury….LOL
The food was great and the people (mostly very young) were real cool!
As most of the time we bonded with some English people which seems to be a trend on this journey!

Arriving in Perto Montt

Unbelievable glaciers

Very narrow channel!

Luca lost a tooth.....but really lost it this time...could not find it!

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