Monday, March 15, 2010

Iguazu falls/Argentina Brazil border

Finally able to blog!
We had plenty of great experiences in tropical Argentina but getting on the internet was not 1 of them!
3 days were very interesting!
Day 1 was travelling from BA and in a typical PFW tour we arrived welcolmed by a storm!
Power was gone, trees in the middle of the road and rain rain rain!
We had to change hotel and got grounded in our hotelroom watching cats and dogs falling of the sky!
Day 2 stopped raining allowing us to start discovering the Iguazy falls Park. We walked about 6 miles and enjoyed every step of it, unbelievable scenery do not do it justice!
Day 3 , we went for the great hike (5 miles) to a swim hole and waterfall! Saw monkeys and plenty of local racoons and then we went for the icing on the cake.....
a boat ride as close as possible to water falls!
It was wild, we got soaked but everybody loved it since it was very warm on our final day.over 90 +30 C
Every night we enjoyed the hotel swimming pool the a great argentinian grill with unreal steaks.....meat is good and plentifull around here!
Today, we went a distance equivalent to flying from Costa rica to Alaska...about 6 hours flight from the top of Argentina to the bottom....from monkeys to penguins!

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